Empty Promises: Biden’s Executive Order Leaves American Families Drowning in Debt

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order with over 50 directives targeting the costs of child and elderly care services. The administration aims to lower costs for families benefiting from the Child Care & Development Block Grant program, provide more care to children of federal workers and military families, and expand access to affordable care. Although this plan will not provide free universal pre-school to all 3- and 4-year-olds, as was previously proposed, the White House says it will make care more affordable by supporting family caregivers and expanding care options.

However, the plan may not be as beneficial as it sounds. America is already drowning in debt, and the allocation of $600 billion in funding to child care and early education is only going to add to that. Furthermore, high-quality care is expensive to deliver and requires skilled workers, yet the care industry has some of the lowest paid workers in the country. If pay is increased, the cost of care will only continue to rise, causing even more financial strain on American families.

The Biden administration also threatens to set standards for when and how federal agencies should provide child care subsidies to federal employees. This could lead to even more government involvement and regulation. The government already has enough power – it doesn’t need to be involved in every aspect of citizens’ lives.

It seems as though Biden’s decision to sign the executive order is just another empty promise. The executive order will be funded by established committees, and Congress will still need to pass Biden’s proposal for the funding of child and elderly care services. There are no guarantees that such legislation will pass.

In conclusion, Biden’s latest executive order is nothing more than a meaningless gesture to appease Americans in view of his incoming 2024 presidential bid announcement. While the administration claims to be supporting American families, they are just adding to the government’s debt and interfering in the economy.

Written by Staff Reports

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