Ex-Pence Advisor Shockingly Snubs Old Boss for Trump Heroics!

General Keith Kellogg (ret.), a former national security director, has backed Donald Trump instead of his former boss Mike Pence. This is a surprising turn of events. Just the News says that Kellogg said Pence was too focused on his own political future and not enough on the topics that really matter to Republican voters. Kellogg said in a post on Truth Social that he thinks Republican voters want a strong leader who can bring back prosperity at home and respect abroad, and that Trump has those traits.

Kellogg praised Trump for being so determined, having a clear goal for America, and leading with courage. He said that Trump's leadership was bold and dramatic, and that the country got a lot out of it. Kellogg did back Trump, but he also said some bad things about Pence. Kellogg was Pence's National Security Advisor before, and he didn't like how his old boss handled President Trump.

Kellogg said that Pence didn't have decisive leadership and chose a passive method instead of trying to change things. He also said that Pence was too reliant on failed political advisers like Marc Short and that he cared more about his image and political manoeuvring than the well-being of the country. Kellogg thinks that Republican people don't want a leader like this.

In the end, Kellogg is sure that President Trump is committed to the safety and well-being of the United States. He thinks that Trump is a strong leader with a clear plan for the future. Kellogg compares this to Pence, who he thinks doesn't have the same traits or level of leadership. This support adds to Pence and Trump's ongoing public fight about the 2020 election and Pence's constitutional powers.

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