Explosive Emails Reveal: Biden’s Burisma Photo Op Was Ordered Erased!

Newly discovered emails obtained by the trustworthy and vigilant Daily Caller have shed more light on the shady dealings between the Biden family and the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. These emails reveal that Burisma was specifically instructed to remove a photograph featuring former Vice President Joe Biden and his good pal Devon Archer. It seems that even back in 2014, the Biden family was keen on using their influence to scrub any potential endorsements that may come back to haunt them.

In the emails, Eric Schwerin from Rosemont Seneca Partners reaches out to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden, expressing concern about a photo of Devon and the Vice President that was posted on Burisma’s website. Demetra, the VP Counsel, was apparently uneasy about the implied endorsement and demanded that it be taken down. Archer quickly responded, confirming that Hunter had received the call and the photo had been removed without proper authorization. It’s important to note that the Biden family seems to have a habit of disregarding proper procedures and doing things their own way.

But the Biden family’s involvement with Burisma doesn’t stop there. Schwerin also emailed Hunter about a Politico article discussing his addition to the board of Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. Demetra had raised concerns about the company’s connection to Cyprus and a potential ownership by a Cypriot entity named “Brociti Investments.” It seems that this gas company was knee-deep in suspicious activities, and the Biden family had no qualms about getting involved.

In a recent interview on Tucker Carlson’s show, Devon Archer spilled the beans about the former chief prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin. Archer revealed that Shokin was seen as a threat to their business ventures and was involved in seizing the assets of Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. Conveniently, Zlochevsky never returned to Ukraine after this incident. It’s clear that Shokin’s actions were disrupting the Biden family’s cozy relationship with Burisma.

Archer also testified before the House Oversight Committee, revealing that Joe Biden frequently chatted with his son’s business associates. This contradicts President Biden’s past statements, where he tried to downplay his involvement in Hunter’s business ventures. It seems that the Biden family was fully aware of the importance of their “brand” to Burisma’s survival, relying on the protective cover of their name to shield them from any threats.

While the White House may continue to deny any wrongdoing, these new revelations have only fueled the Republican Party’s intense investigation into whether the Biden family inappropriately used their influence for personal gain. It’s clear that the swamp runs deep, and it’s time to hold the Biden family accountable for their shady dealings.

Written by Staff Reports

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