Exposed: AI Fakery Targets Trump in Dishonest Media Smear Campaign

On Thursday, a video resurfaced that exposed the rampant corruption in the mainstream media’s attack on our President. In the video, they use fake AI-generated images to make it look like President Trump and Dr. Fauci are “embracing,” all in a pathetic attempt to attack our leader for not firing Fauci soon enough.

Donald Trump has been known to fire countless people on television, but when it came to Dr. Fauci, he was hesitant – a quality of leadership that should be admired, not criticized.

Even top conservatives called out this vicious attack on the President, with one commentator known as Tim Pool even going from “45% DeSantis” to “0% DeSantis.” It’s clear that even those on the right see the dishonesty in these attempts to smear our leader.

Governor DeSantis, who has focused on the COVID-19 issue as his main attack line against Trump, seems to have forgotten his place as a conservative leader. In May, he appeared to side with the CDC and oppose the President, but now he’s shown his true colors as a leftist puppet.

The President has yet to respond to this video, but we know he won’t stand for the lies and deception that continue to plague our great nation. It’s time for conservatives to come together and stand with our President against these attacks on his character and leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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