US Air Force Trades Flag for Pride: Military Wokeness Crumbles Recruitment!

The United States Air Force has done it yet again, embracing a dangerous and woke ideology that has further destabilized the military recruitments. The Federal Government’s obsession with wokeness is one of the primary reasons for the critical recruiting crisis faced by the military. Air Force’s recent tweet celebrated Pride Month, where a soldier is saluting a Pride flag instead of the American flag. Such messaging is traitorous and has left all conservative American humiliated in front of other countries.

It is making the military a hostile environment for straight, white, and conservative men, who are the primary target for recruitments. The Air Force has previously called out for having too many white pilots, which led to a critical shortage. The Army promotes homosexual fetish sex rings involving senior officers and subordinates and is shocked that young men are not interested in enlisting in these conditions.

The US soldiers are supposed to take pride in their country, but instead, the focus is on placating the hurt feelings of the LGBTQ+ community, further deteriorating the reputation of the US military institution. This kind of messianic celebration is not new; it is the same message that the Air Force Recruiting Twitter account page posted last year, where the American flag was suspiciously missing from the Pride month picture. As a result, many civilians and veterans were upset by such behavior, which they observed as an act of pure disrespect towards the US flag and soldiers.

A space force veteran, Matt Lohmeier, wrote that the US military celebrated religious and political agendas at the detriment of readiness and morale. The future is bleak, and in 100 years, this type of messaging will be responsible for America’s fall. The Air Force needs to wake up and take immediate measures to correct its course and serve the American people instead of appeasing the woke mobs.

Written by Staff Reports

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