FBI Director Wray FINALLY Responds to Mar-a-lago Raid

Director of the FBI Christopher Wray has finally spoken on the raid that his agency conducted at Donald Trump's estate in Florida, and he wants you to know who the true victims are.

The people who are condemning the FBI seem to be the actual villains in this situation, despite the fact that there are many mysteries surrounding the action, including the fact that it was purportedly carried out as a result of a commonplace argument over the Presidential Records Act. What a very stunning and unanticipated answer from the consummate business professional.

I'm trying to think of something that bothers me less than the FBI claiming nameless "death threats" as a method to divert from their own malevolence, but I can't come up with anything. It's the only thing I can think of that bothers me more than that. This is a standard practice for corrupt members of the government. They lash out in ways that attract pushback, and then they try to discredit that reaction by claiming that they are receiving death threats in response to their outbursts.

You've just entered the realm of becoming a public figure, so let me say hello and welcome. Even though I write about politics behind a pseudonym, I've been sent threatening messages. In the seven years that the FBI has been relentlessly and deliberately focusing their attention on Donald Trump, not a single agent has been hurt as a direct result of this targeting strategy. The issue at hand is not a potential risk to the Bureau or its workers; rather, it is the activities of the Bureau itself, and Director Wray may point to as many squirrels as he likes, but that won't change the facts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had the opportunity to handle political actors on both sides of the aisle in the same manner. Instead, they handled Hillary Clinton with child gloves, haven't even touched Hunter Biden at all, and are pursuing Donald Trump with armed agents on a simple records dispute. That was Wray's decision (there is no way he would not have given the approval for the Trump raid), and now he is responsible for facing the repercussions for public opinion and eventually in Washington, assuming elected Republicans have any sort of backbone.

Wray and his associates are not exempt from the law that what you plant will eventually come back to you. They have political motivations for wanting to weaponize their agency and turn it into a "scorched earth" policy, and this would lead someplace. They are not allowed to pull over and put their foot on the brakes the moment things get unsettling. Despite its troubled past, the FBI used to have widespread respect amongst the majority of Americans. Those times are long gone, and there was a solid reason for that.

To conclude, the message that is being told here is not that Wray is "concerned" about some anonymous threats that have been posted in the depths of the internet. It is irrelevant since there are 330 million people living in this country, especially considering that we are discussing a government body that has an endless supply of resources to safeguard itself. The narrative persists that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a morally bankrupt and morally bankrupt dumpster fire that operates under two different sets of regulations depending on the political inclination of the target. Wray has the opportunity to alter the dynamic, but instead he has contributed to the continuation of it. It's on him to fix it.

Written by Staff Reports

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