REPORT: Trump ‘Reinvigorated’ by FBI’s Sham Raid

In spite of the fact that the FBI searched the former president Donald Trump's house, Republican Representative Michael Cloud of Texas told Newsmax that Trump is "reinvigorated"

Coming off of his visit with the former president the previous night in Bedminister, New Jersey, Cloud said on "Rob Schmitt Tonight," that liberals continues to think that they will dishearten President Donald Trump with these kinds of moves, but they only reinvigorate him. Cloud's visit with the former president took place the previous evening.
They do nothing but reaffirm the fundamental reason he ran for office in the first place, which is that Washington, DC, is in desperate need of reform.

During the course of the conversation, Cloud made the observation that despite the fact that the former president was "definitely upset," he was "not discouraged"
He is the type of person that thrives in challenging situations.

When the FBI raided President Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday, as reported by NBC News, the Department of Justice "bet the house on their handling of an investigation that will have sweeping implications for the future of both federal law enforcement and American democracy." according to the report.


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