Florida Passes 6-Week Abortion Ban – Gov. DeSantis Ready to Sign!

In a major victory for life, the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature has passed a bill that would ban abortions after six weeks. This common-sense legislation is a big step forward for the Sunshine State, and Governor Ron DeSantis, a champion of pro-life values, has already expressed his willingness to sign the bill into law, just like he did last year with the 15-week abortion ban.

Unborn babies are human beings with beating hearts at six weeks’ gestation, and this bill, which has also been passed by the Florida Senate, recognizes that fact. As policy director Katie Daniel of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America has stated, this legislation is a “major win” for both babies and mothers.

Democrats and other radical liberals, of course, continue to support the barbaric practice of abortion, and some activists even showed up at the Capitol building to protest the bill’s passage. They care more about their own selfish desires than the sanctity of life and the wellbeing of women.

But the legislature made the right decision, and March for Life president Jeanne Mancini has applauded their efforts. This life-affirming legislation protects babies after their heartbeat is detectable and provides vital support to women and families facing unexpected pregnancies.

Governor DeSantis has stood unflinchingly for science and the will of the people, who rewarded pro-life Republicans with landslide victories in last year’s midterm elections. He has a prime opportunity now to act upon the will of the people in Florida and protect the state’s most vulnerable citizens. We can only hope that he does the right thing and signs this historic bill into law.

Written by Staff Reports

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