Top 2024 Contender Goes Gloves OFF On DeSantis

On Friday, Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, claimed that Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, had plagiarized his ideas from the campaign trail. During an appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Ramaswamy welcomed DeSantis to the race but stated that DeSantis had adopted his message from Ramaswamy’s book, “Woke Inc.,” which he was allegedly reading from his teleprompter. Ramaswamy further asserted that DeSantis was running on a book that he did not write, namely “Woke Inc.”

In 2021, Ramaswamy published a book called “Woke, Inc.” which examines how corporations participate in what is referred to as “stakeholder capitalism.” Then, in February 2022, DeSantis declared that Florida was spearheading a group of 18 states that were opposing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards in investment.

ESG, which is also referred to as “sustainable investing,” places emphasis on corporate policies concerning social issues such as gun control, environmental concerns, abortion, rather than solely on a corporation’s profitability. In Florida, DeSantis has enacted legislation that safeguards parental rights after a string of legal cases involving covert social transitioning of students in schools.

According to Ramaswamy, “I am not hesitant to make a compelling case that highlights our differences. I am the initial Republican presidential candidate who is a millennial and my campaign is based on a constructive outlook to guide our nation towards progress. I am of the opinion that having another politician with an extensive career in the White House is not acceptable.”

DeSantis appears to have followed Ramaswamy’s lead, who is the foremost millennial Republican presidential candidate, by echoing his message. It is essential for Republicans to elect visionary leaders who create their own policies rather than imitating others.

There was no response from DeSantis when asked for a comment, raising questions about the origin of his recent ideas. It appears unlikely that they are his own, as his actions seem to reflect Ramaswamy’s policies. Ramaswamy is spearheading the movement for pioneering conservative leadership, which is exactly what the conservatives require, making him the obvious front-runner in the presidential race.


Written by Staff Reports

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