Fulton County Drops Bombshell Trump Indictment, Then Hides the Evidence!

State prosecutors in Georgia brought charges against former President Donald Trump, accusing him of conspiracy to forge documents. However, they quickly removed the document from the court’s website. It seems like they had second thoughts about going after such a popular and successful president.

The charges included violating the state’s RICO Act, which is typically used against organized crime, and allegedly urging a public official to break their oath. Seriously, who comes up with these charges? It’s clear that the Democrats are grasping at straws to try and take down Trump.

Of course, the liberal media was quick to jump on the bandwagon. John Kruzel tweeted about the charges, only to delete it later when he realized it might not be true. It’s just another example of the biased reporting we see from the mainstream media.
This whole investigation into the 2020 Georgia election is nothing more than a witch hunt. They’re trying to pin any and everything on Trump to discredit him and his supporters. But we know the truth – Biden didn’t win fair and square, and Trump is innocent.

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec was right to have questions about this whole ordeal. The slip-up by Willis’ office just goes to show that they’re not even confident in their own charges. It’s a pathetic attempt to tarnish Trump’s legacy, but it won’t work. Trump will always be a champion for the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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