MAGA’s ‘Alt Reality’: Unleashing Liberal Media Fury!

In the most recent episode of Liberal Media Scream, we see Washington journalists' unrelenting rage towards the steadfast backing that former President Donald Trump continues to receive from his devoted MAGA supporters. In her interview on ABC's her Week, Susan Glasser—a Washington reporter for The New Yorker who has also worked for The Washington Post and Politico—took her rage to new levels. In order to forwards the erroneous claim that Trump's numerous indictments are somehow advantageous to him while President Joe Biden suffers from the ongoing criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, she spat out a convoluted word salad.

Glasser rambled, "We are all somehow existing in Donald Trump's other reality, right? Part of this is the huge distortion field where we are. We are discussing, "Well, it's a great benefit to him," per, you know, the big story in the New York Times today that he has been criminally charged, what, three times, and it looks like a fourth coming up this week because we are living in this warped, distorted Republican primary where Donald Trump is stampeding? It's a minority inside a minority in the nation, which is why there have been several referenda on abortion rights since the Roe v. Wade ruling.

It's amazing how Glasser and her fellow journalists can't see the truth because they are so engrossed in their own fantasy world. They casually disregard the fact that a majority of Americans oppose Trump's reelection as president, especially in states with a strong conservative tradition. Additionally, they ignore the fact that the majority of Americans genuinely favour abortion rights and that Trump lost the popular vote in both 2016 and 2020. It is ludicrous that Glasser, who laments the Hunter Biden probe and maintains that Joe Biden is unaffected, views it as a negative that Trump is under criminal investigation.

It is astounding how Glasser lacked impartiality and interest. She is seized with an excessive fury towards Trump, like many of her Washington press colleagues, while ignoring any potential harm that could come to President Biden. They won't even consider the possibility that anything could harm Biden's chances of winning reelection. The American people, who deserve fair and balanced news, are being wronged by this biassed and unbalanced style of media.

Four out of five screams, overall.

Written by Staff Reports

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