GA Lawmaker CAUGHT Stealing Drugs, Governor Kemp Orders Special Election

On the weekend, Georgia's governor Brian Kemp ordered a special election to be conducted for the state House seat that was previously occupied by Danny Rampey. Rampey resigned from his position after he was charged with stealing drugs from a retirement facility.

Two months ago, Rampey was elected to the state House. He had managed to collect over 18,000 votes. During the summer primaries, he ran unopposed.

Rampey was accused of stealing drugs from a retirement facility where he was employed. He was managing the operations of the facility.

According to the sheriff of Barrow County, Rampey's legal troubles were linked to a call received from a relative of a resident of the facility.

The Republican Party of Georgia has a huge advantage going into the new year. It has the power to control the executive offices of the state, as well as the legislature.

Written by Staff Reports

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