Mike Pompeo Sends Chilling Warning About China And Covid

As the number of COVID cases in China continues to rise, former US Secretary of State Mike Mike Pompeo is calling for the country's President Xi Jinping to be held accountable.

According to Pompeo, the number of infected people around the world will increase due to the Chinese people's freedom to travel. He also noted that we may start seeing similar images from Italy during the pandemic's early stages.

During a briefing, Pompeo noted that the number of infected Chinese individuals could reach a million. He said that the situation in China could become similar to that of Milan, where hospitals were full and the morgues were full.

He noted that about half of China's population traveled. It is not acceptable for the country to send infected individuals to other countries when the number of cases is rising.

After the country's population was allowed to travel, the number of cases in China has started to increase. Pompeo urged the US and other countries to stop the President from allowing Chinese individuals to spread the virus.

According to a report by Bloomberg, almost half of the passengers who traveled from China to Milan were infected with COVID.

In response to the report, Pompeo criticized the President for not being held accountable for the way the Chinese government handled the situation. He noted that the President should be held accountable for the deaths of six million people from April 2020 to May 2020.

As he did during the spring of 2020, Pompeo noted that the President was repeating the same mistake by sending infected individuals to other nations. He said that millions more people would get infected as a result of his actions.

In a series of tweets, Pompeo criticized the Biden administration and called on Republicans to hold China's President Xi and the Communist Party of China accountable.

In December, the US announced that individuals coming from China would have to show a negative COVID test in order to enter the country.

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