Google Allegedly Fires Executive For Being ‘Too White’

According to a lawsuit, Google fired an executive after she refused a female coworker's sexual advances at a party. The company claimed that she was not "inclusive enough."

Ryan Olohan was let go by Google on August 5, 2022, even though he had received several awards and bonuses for his work. According to the company's investigation team, he was fired because he showed favoritism toward high performers.

In December 2019, actor and comedian Tiffany Miller reportedly made inappropriate comments and gestures toward him at a dinner party. According to the lawsuit, Miller said that her marriage lacked "spice." She also stated that she knew he liked women of Asian descent.

After reporting the incident to Google's Human Resources, Olohan was told that if the harassment had happened to a male coworker, his complaint would be escalated. The company did not investigate his claims, and Miller was not fired.

The lawsuit claims that Miller repeatedly accused Olohan of inappropriate behavior. According to the HR executives who were present at the event, Miller's behavior was petty. She also reportedly told Olohan that she didn't like him and that she disagreed with him "70 percent of the time." The lawsuit claims that Miller's behavior was retaliation for Olohan's rejection of her advances.

In February 2022, a Google employee reportedly told Olohan that there were too many white men in his team. The employee and a human resources representative then urged him to fire one of his male coworkers and hire a female staff member.

"A Google spokesperson stated that this individual was let go due to the results of an investigation, which had been carried out following numerous complaints. The company stands by its decision and will defend itself against these claims."

"A spokesperson for Miller called the lawsuit a fabrication, and claimed that it was made by a disgruntled former employee who worked for her at Google. Miller has never made any advances toward Olohan, and witnesses can confirm that the allegations are false. The spokesperson also noted that the racism and sexism in the lawsuit are disturbing."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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