Tucker RIPS Biden For Ignoring Food Supply Crisis

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, criticized Joe Biden over the country's food shortages, saying that the president was ignoring what was most important.

"In March, Biden said during a press conference that the sanctions against Russia were going to cause a shortage of food in the US. He claimed that it was "going to be real."

In an odd way, Biden made the statement. He didn't appear to have a hint of panic or even make a reference to the impending starvation, instead he was just casually talking about the weather."

According to Carlson, social media users censored Biden's statements. The White House did not correct him, and instead, talked about strange disasters that affected various food processing facilities across the country.

In March, a plane carrying two people crashed into a plant operated by General Mills in Atlanta, killing the two individuals on board. A similar incident happened in April in Idaho, where a pilot died after his plane hit a potato-processing facility.

The situation in Ukraine led to a rise in food prices, which was around 34% in May. According to the Consumer Price Index, the prices of essential food items such as milk and rice continued to increase in December 2022.

"Even people who didn't believe in conspiracy theories started to wonder if something was happening in the country. The Biden administration did not have the necessary data to explain the situation, which Carlson said was strange since the former had a lot of information about the country.

The sex, race, and ethnicity of every person living in the US were all examined. Questions such as these were raised about the bean counters in Biden's administration and the lack of data regarding the country's food supply."

Due to the outbreak of avian flu, which has affected over 58 million chickens, the prices of eggs have increased significantly.

According to Carlson, eggs are a vital part of the American diet, and they can contain protein that could cause health problems for children. He played a clip of an article about smuggled poultry and eggs into the country.

"Carlson noted that Americans are paranoid about the country's food supply. He also said that the leaders of the country should be more concerned with the country's energy, water, and food supply."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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