GOP Escalates Attacks on Biden Amid Democratic Uncertainty

Republican lawmakers are sharpening their swords and going after President Joe Biden with relentless vigor, aiming to exploit his weak points and make him an even less viable candidate. Democrats are facing a dilemma of whether to dump him or stick with him, and it looks like Republicans are more than happy to pour fuel on that fire.

House Republicans have their sights set on Biden with plans to tear him apart from every angle. This comes at a time when more and more Democrats are hinting that it’s time for Joe to exit stage left. Meanwhile, Biden is stubbornly clinging to his role, refusing to bow out.

Democrats are in a tizzy about this internal squabble, fearful it might break their fragile hold on the White House. One Democratic lawmaker even warned this public hand-wringing is like shooting themselves in the foot before the big race. Mixed messaging is the last thing their party needs right now.

The GOP is taking a three-pronged approach to knock Biden off his perch:

GOP Pushes the 25th Amendment Card

Following Biden’s debate blunders where he lost track of his thoughts more times than a GPS in a tunnel, Republicans hit the panic button. They’re not just calling for Biden to drop out of the 2024 race; they want him out of office, like, yesterday. Rep. Chip Roy from Texas is leading the charge, proposing a resolution that could force Kamala Harris to use the 25th Amendment to declare Biden unfit. Fancy that – Harris stepping up to the presidency, ripe for some GOP scrutiny herself.

Roy argues that Harris has already failed her constitutional duties by not invoking the 25th sooner, suggesting she too might need to be shown the door. Bottom line: Republicans want a vote on this resolution ASAP, and they’re pressing their advantage.

Oversight Targets Doctor’s Credentials

House Oversight Chairman James Comer is turning his fire on Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, questioning his assessments of Biden’s mental state. There’s some murky waters involving the doc’s past business ties with the Biden family that Comer wants to dredge up. Reports of O’Connor rubbing elbows with experts in Parkinson’s at the White House only add to the GOP’s ammunition. 


This may sound like a plot twist in a medical drama, but it’s all about the president’s fitness to serve. Comer’s letter to O’Connor underscores the need for transparency, given potential conflicts of interest within the Biden family orbit.

Intelligence Committee Zeroes in on Hunter Biden

In a classic case of “like father, like son,” Hunter Biden enters the fray. The House Intelligence Committee is up in arms over reports that Hunter was loitering around during Biden’s prep for a Supreme Court rebuttal. Chairman Mike Turner is now demanding to know if any classified intel was bandied about while Hunter was in the room.

This family cameo is raising eyebrows and more than a few red flags among House Republicans. Hunter’s past involvement with shady foreign business deals isn’t helping his dad’s situation either. The GOP isn’t letting up on Hunter, especially after his gun charge conviction.

All eyes are now on President Biden as he fends off these attacks, not just from the Republicans but also the shaky support from his own party. This is shaping up to be a political cage match, and it’s clear the GOP is not pulling any punches.

Written by Staff Reports

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