Mainstream Media Can’t Ignore Biden’s Cognitive Decline Anymore

The recent spotlight shining on President Biden’s cognitive abilities – or lack thereof – has not only exposed the mainstream media’s convenient flip-flop on the issue but has also underscored a worrying trend that has been evident for quite some time. Despite attempts by the left-leaning media to downplay concerns about Biden’s mental acuity as mere conspiracy theories, the evidence is overwhelming.

Conservative critics have long been sounding the alarm bells, pointing to numerous instances where Biden appeared confused, disoriented, and generally unwell in public. Notably, the heavy-handed involvement of Biden’s handlers in controlling his interactions with the press and the public has raised further red flags.

Reports have emerged detailing how Biden’s advisors meticulously manage his schedule, movements, and even personal interactions to shield him from scrutiny. From limiting impromptu exchanges to carefully scripted events, Biden’s handlers maintain a tight grip on his public appearances, raising questions about who is truly pulling the strings in the White House. 


The extent of control exerted by Biden’s advisors was highlighted during a fundraiser in New York, where an aide had to prompt him with answers to questions about the Middle East. Similar incidents, including Biden’s absence at a meeting with German officials and his last-minute cancellations at key international events, paint a concerning picture of a president who appears to be struggling to keep up with his obligations.

Despite attempts to mask Biden’s cognitive decline, the truth seems increasingly difficult to ignore. With his handlers going to great lengths to shield him from unscripted moments and uncomfortable questioning, it is becoming clear that the facade of a competent leader is wearing thin. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and in Biden’s case, the flames of doubt surrounding his mental fitness continue to flicker brightly.

Written by Staff Reports

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