GOP Rep. Has New Bill To SAVE Federal Elections!

Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy is breaking ground by introducing a bill aimed at restraining noncitizens’ ability to vote in federal elections. Senator Roy’s Protecting American Voters Act, co-sponsored by Republican Reps. Matt Rosendale, Pete Sessions, and Michael Burgess, has sought to equip state officials, free of fees, with resources necessary for verifying citizenship during voter registration. The proposed legislation will enable states to verify the citizenship status of previously registered voters, that is to say, they will be able to amend current registration procedures by removing those who aren’t citizens.

Further, according to the bill obtained exclusively by Daily Caller News Foundation, the Social Security Administration is mandated to provide details concerning citizens who were born in the United States, while the Department of Homeland Security must comply with state requests to verify registrants’ citizenship status. Noncitizens, as stated by law, aren’t permitted to engage in federal elections. However, some may slip through the net, which is highly problematic.

Georgia had an election audit of the state’s registration rolls from 2022, revealing that a staggering 1,634 noncitizens had registered to vote. By introducing the Protecting American Voters Act, members of Congress have made major strides in dealing with the nation’s immigration crisis, which has heightened since President Joe Biden took office.

In fiscal year 2022, over 2.3 million migrants entered the US through the US-Mexico border, with over a million arriving from October 2022 to February 2023, well ahead of the Trump era Title 42, which was instituted to expel illegal migrants and set to expire on May 11. The Republican-controlled House introduced law calling for Asylum reform, construction of a border wall, and an increase in border personnel to deal with mass migration.

In summary, it is highly necessary to ensure that non-citizens don’t participate in federal elections. This bill seeks to make it easier for officials to rectify voter registration errors and enhance state officials’ verification of the citizenship status of registrants. Bearing in mind that the nation is currently bogged down by issues of immigration, it’s a step in the right direction to verify the identity of individuals who partake in voting activities, which is always open to frauds. It’s time to put a stop to this and ensure strict measures are enforced.

Written by Staff Reports

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