GOP Warns: Trump Arrest Could Push US to “Breaking Point”

Vivek Ramaswamy, a software entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate, has voiced his opposition to former President Donald Trump's possible imprisonment. Ramaswamy went to Twitter on Saturday to voice his displeasure about the rumored indictment and arrest warrant that may be issued this week by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Ramaswamy remarked, "It is un-American for the governing party to employ police authority to arrest its political opponents." If a Republican prosecutor had exploited a campaign finance technicality to arrest then-candidate John Kerry in 2004 when Bush and Cheney were in power, liberals would have been justified in their outrage.

Ramaswamy went on to call out the Manhattan District Attorney for potentially politicizing the justice system and undermining public trust in our electoral system. He also challenged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to appear and speak out against the potential arrest of the 45th President.

Former President Donald Trump has also been vocal in his opposition to the Manhattan D.A., accusing President Joe Biden of being involved in the “witch hunt” and claiming that Bragg is taking orders from D.C. Trump also noted that when Bragg first attained office, he made it very clear that there was no case against him, but then changed his mind after being pushed by the Biden Administration, Democrats, and Fake News Media.

The Manhattan district attorney issued a statement Saturday night stating that his office would not be "intimidated" by the possibility of retribution, which seemed to suggest that Trump's fears had some weight.

Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley is one of the critics of the case against Trump who thinks that the charges are "short on the law." He pointed out that Hillary Clinton also broke FEC rules by wrongly claiming legal expenses, but she only had to pay a fine, while former President Barack Obama was fined $375,000 in 2013 for campaign reporting mistakes, which was one of the biggest fines the FEC has ever given. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were not taken into custody.

It is clear that the Manhattan D.A. is attempting to use his power to target Donald Trump and his supporters in a politically motivated witch hunt. This is a dangerous precedent that could lead to further politicization of our justice system and undermine public trust in our electoral system. It is time for Republicans like Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Gov. Nikki Haley to stand up and speak out against this blatant attack on democracy. We must ensure that our justice system remains fair and impartial, and not be used as a tool for political retribution.

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