Ron DeSantis Responds To Trump Arrest Rumors

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has commented on the impending indictment and potential arrest of former President Donald Trump. His statements are noteworthy and recommended to read in their entirety. They serve as a welcome reminder that some politicians are willing to uphold justice and the rule of law, regardless of going against the liberal establishment.

In his opening statement, DeSantis said that the Manhattan District Attorney is a prosecutor who receives funding from Soros and that these attorneys often "weaponize their authority to impose a political agenda on society at the cost of the rule of law and public safety." He pointed out that over 50% of felonies had been reduced by the district attorney to misdemeanors, which has increased crime in Manhattan and reduced public safety.

DeSantis continued by highlighting how absurd it was for the DA to focus on a case involving "hush money payments" to a porn star while disregarding more serious crimes that were occurring every day in his district. He said that this is an instance of a prosecutor using his position to further a political goal.

The Florida Governor said that "ordinary New Yorkers, ordinary Americans, and all these various jurisdictions are harmed every day because of the irresponsible political agenda that these Soros DAs bring to their work." These individuals are the true victims of Soros-funded prosecutors, he said. They don't care about crime and give criminals authority. And it harms people every day, a great number of individuals.

DeSantis noted that he is the only governor in the nation to have dismissed a Soros-funded prosecutor from office while in office, and he also promised that his office would not become involved in any "made crisis" the DA could make. He said that he had "no desire in participating in any sort of contrived spectacle by some Soros DA… " in a subtle dig at the former president. He's attempting to put on a political show. He's attempting to moralize for his base.

DeSantis' comments serve as a much-needed reminder that there are still elected officials eager to defend the rule of law and justice, even when doing so means going against the liberal establishment. His remarks make it apparent that he is devoted to defending the rights of regular people and that he is not hesitant to denounce those who try to use their positions for political benefit. It is encouraging to see a leader like DeSantis speaking out against such strategies because it represents a welcome departure from the political politics that now prevail.

Written by Staff Reports

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