Gov. Abbott Sends Illegal Immigrants To ANOTHER Sanctuary City

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has sent a bus full of illegal immigrants to Denver, Colorado, making it the fourth Democrat-run city to receive his generous donations. His first illegal bus was sent to Washington, D.C., in April 2022, followed by New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Governor Abbott’s goal with these actions is to relieve the burden on overwhelmed and overrun border communities due to President Biden’s open border policies, like his mass catch and release of illegal immigrants without court dates or any means of tracking them.

Abbott said in a statement, “Texas’ overwhelmed and overrun border communities should not have to shoulder the flood of illegal immigration due to President Biden’s reckless open border policies, like his mass catch and release without court dates or any way to track them.” However, the Democrat-run cities where Abbott’s buses are headed have shown no gratitude for his kind deeds. New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently accused Abbott of conducting this effort just to hurt black-run cities.

Moreover, even before Abbott’s help arrived, Denver has already been swamped with illegal immigrants. In December, the city’s Democratic mayor, Michael Hancock, declared a state of emergency, with the city receiving a total of 6,000 illegal immigrants. Therefore, Governor Abbott’s initiative has been crucial for these Democrat-run cities, whether they like it or not.

Democratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis has also joined Abbott’s effort by busing illegal immigrants to New York City in January. If the President and his Administration refuse to step up and fulfill their constitutional duty to secure the border, the State of Texas will continue busing illegal immigrants to self-declared sanctuary cities like Denver. The State of Texas will provide much-needed relief to small border towns.

In conclusion, it is clear that Governor Greg Abbott has stepped up and taken action to provide much-needed relief to Democrat-run cities overwhelmed with illegal immigrants. While the Democrats may not appreciate his efforts, it is crucial to relieve the burden on border communities and safeguard the country’s future. The Biden administration should fulfill their constitutional duty by securing the borders and stop endangering our country with their reckless open-border policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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