EXPOSED: Biden’s think-tank received $500k from CCP investment arm!

The University of Pennsylvania has been exposed for receiving over $500,000 from a company that serves as an investment arm of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The cash influx came following the opening of Joe Biden’s think tank by China Everbright Group in February 2018. As per the university’s foreign gift reporting records, the donations were made between 2018 and 2020, raising serious questions about the university’s relationship with the CCP. China Everbright Group is a state-owned financial conglomerate and was founded in 1983 with the support of the State Council, which is the superior organ of state power in China.

The University of Pennsylvania has come under scrutiny for accepting over $500,000 from a firm, China Everbright Group, known to be an investment subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This substantial financial contribution materialized after the inauguration of Joe Biden’s think tank by the same company in February 2018. Based on the university’s records concerning foreign gifts, these donations were facilitated from 2018 to 2020, leading to significant concerns about the nature of the university’s connection with the CCP. China Everbright Group, backed by the State Council (the chief body of state power in China), is a state-owned financial conglomerate, established in 1983.

Adding to the concern over these donations is the apparent linkage of China Everbright Group to Hunter Biden’s business endeavors in China, as revealed in various financial documents. When these donations were made, most shares of China Everbright Group were controlled by the state-owned Central Huijin Investment Ltd., an investment company that appoints the board of directors and supervisors for Central Huijin Investment and invests under the State Council’s authorization. Additionally, Hua Zhixiang, previously the head of the “international business department” of China Everbright Bank, has been featured as an “investment partner” on the Bohai Harvest’s website since 2015 and remains in that role to date.

The FBI recently characterized the United Front Work Department as an organization that operates under the direct supervision of the CCP’s Central Committee and advances the CCP’s objectives. Moreover, in 2018, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) highlighted Gao Yunlong, the vice-chairman and president of China Everbright Group, as one among 26 Chinese government officials associated with the CCP’s “United Front.” As per USCC, the CCP employs this “United Front” technique to assimilate and neutralize any potential opposition to its policies and governance.

This suggests that the University of Pennsylvania’s association with China Everbright Group might carry concealed intentions, especially considering Hunter Biden’s business activities and their seeming collusion with CCP influence strategies. The university has dutifully reported all foreign contributions, and these records have been publicly accessible on the Department of Education’s website. However, the university’s stance on accepting donations from the Chinese government remains vague. The past conduct of China Everbright Group indicates its association with influence trading and CCP’s strategies, particularly when considering the company’s role in channeling at least $30,000 of illegitimate funds to the Democratic National Committee’s 1996 campaign through a fundraiser for President Bill Clinton. This incident underlines the recurring influence of the CCP on Western political figures.

Written by Staff Reports

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