Government Eviscerates Hunter Biden’s Motion for New Trial as Desperate and Meritless

Hunter Biden’s “laughable tale” in support of his motion for a new trial is getting the attention it deserves, and the government’s response is not pulling any punches. Biden’s legal team’s attempt to argue that the district court lacked jurisdiction due to the appeals court not issuing a formal mandate has been mercilessly dismantled. The government’s response highlights that Biden’s team seemed to have missed some crucial details in their argument, such as the clear language in the appeals court’s orders stating they were issued “in Lieu of Mandate.”

The response essentially calls out Biden for his misunderstanding of the appellate process and his failure to grasp the content of the court’s orders. The government’s retort leaves no room for doubt, stating that Biden’s motion is “based on his apparent misunderstanding of appellate practice” and is essentially a meritless attempt to seek reconsideration without any justifiable grounds.

It’s clear from the response that the government sees Biden’s arguments as nothing more than a desperate attempt to find a loophole after the fact, with the language used in the response cutting through any semblance of credibility in Biden’s claims. The highlighted screenshot of the order serves as a visual reminder of the key points that dismantle Biden’s narrative.

Overall, the government’s response portrays Biden’s motion for a new trial in a less than flattering light, painting it as a last-ditch effort based on shaky ground. The response effectively debunks Biden’s claims and leaves little room for ambiguity in its dismissal of his arguments.

Written by Staff Reports

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