Guess Who Is Linked To The Judge Overseeing The Trump Case?

A story and an internet query claimed that the daughter of the judge overseeing the case of former President Trump worked for the Biden-Harris campaign.

Loren, the president and partner of the digital marketing firm Authentic Campaigns, is the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan.

According to Adam Schiff, the company's representative, the firm works with its clients to create effective online programs for progressive causes.

She was the Digital Director for Kamala Harris For The People, a political action committee that was active during the 2020 presidential race. According to her LinkedIn account, she worked from February 2019 to December 2019. The company's website also noted that the Biden-Harris campaign was a client.

Her LinkedIn page was taken down after Gateway Pundit reported on her background.

According to Eric Trump, the son of the former president, the staff members for the Biden-Harris campaign were all hand picked. He called it a "very corrupt operation."

In a case involving the Trump Organization, Judge Juan Merchan ruled in favor of the company and Allen Weisselberg, its former chief financial officer. According to a CBS News report, he prevented the Trump Organization's lawyers from charging the company's business empire with violating antitrust laws due to their hatred for the president.

During a meeting with the prosecutors, the judge reportedly told them that he would not allow them to make claims that the case was a novel prosecution. He also said that he would have a hard time handling questions that were not in a proper context.

Fox News reported that Judge Juan Merchan gave Allen Weisselberg a five-month prison sentence and ordered the Trump Organization to settle a $1.6 million fine. He is also the judge overseeing Steve Bannon's fraud case, which involved the group "We Build the Wall."

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