Gutfeld Drops Bombshell, DEFIES Fox News On Election Interference By FBI and CIA

Greg Gutfeld, co-host of The Five, has recently shared his strong views on the Durham Report revelations, which highlight election interference operations carried out by both the FBI and CIA, with the approval and knowledge of the Obama White House, driven in part by a Clinton Plan. Gutfeld’s passionate diatribe comes after a heavily contested 2020 election that has sparked skepticism about election integrity amongst many Americans.

Gutfeld goes on to defend the people who remain doubtful about the integrity of the election, stating that if one believes that the country will not survive under Donald Trump, then cheating is the moral duty. He explained that, in such a scenario, “if you actually play by the rules, you’re a traitor. Right?”.

Gutfeld suggests that they have created a scenario where all actions are permissible because they played on people’s emotions and created a devil that was so vast that it made every institution, as the judge called it, ‘subject to suspicion.’ He continued by saying that fake news stories were buried, hoaxes were created, and false reports were funded. Gutfeld believes that people have the right to question the integrity of the election, mainly since many institutions were all involved in the outcome.

Gutfeld’s powerful words are in contrast to Fox News’s pivot away from pro-Trump coverage and questioning the 2020 election’s legitimacy after a $750 million lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Many media observers believe that Tucker Carlson lost his primetime cable news show due to his 2020 election coverage following his deposition for the lawsuit. Gutfeld’s passionate rhetoric is a voice of reason in a time where many feel their voices are not being heard but ultimately leaves the Fox News’s role in reporting the truth in doubt.

In conclusion, Gutfeld’s words call into question the integrity of the 2020 elections and provide a compelling argument that President Trump was unjustly attacked by the media and the law institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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