How DeSantis Is EXPOSING CRT In Florida Universities

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis' administration has ordered all public universities to submit reports about their activities and expenditures related to the use of resources and curriculum that are geared toward promoting the far-left ideologies of DEI and CRT.

According to a report by Fox News, the press secretary of the governor, Bryan Griffin, shared a memo that asked the state's education department and university system to provide details about the programs and initiatives that are aimed at promoting racial and social inclusion.

The order was sent to all universities in the State University System and the Florida College System. Each school was required to submit a comprehensive list of all its programs and activities related to DEI and CRT, as well as the costs of these activities.

The deadline for the state's education department and university system to provide the requested information was set for January 13. The demands made by the governor are the latest step in his efforts to prevent public schools in Florida from teaching far-left concepts such as CRT, which is a radical theory that suggests that all White people are racist. The state's education department has already implemented policies that prevent schools from teaching this theory.

The concept of DEI refers to the deliberate efforts of major public institutions, such as companies and universities, to increase racial diversity and force “equity.” Among these efforts are hiring non-white individuals even if they're not qualified. They also reduce punishments for failing grades or test scores.

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Written by Staff Reports

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