WOW: Biden Clears Out El Paso Migrant Camps For Border Photo Op

After months of waiting, Joe Biden is finally going to the border. It's been a crisis since he took over, and it's not likely that the president will be able to see the real situation in El Paso during his visit.

Over the past couple of weeks, the El Paso Sector has experienced a massive influx of illegal immigrants, causing many to camp out in various areas of the city. However, now, reports indicate that the camps are being cleared ahead of Biden's visit on Sunday.

According to multiple law enforcement officials, the individuals who were camping out near the Sacred Heart Church and the Greyhound Bus Station were removed from their surroundings.

According to a federal agent, the residents of the area were fed up with the growing number of illegal immigrants and the crime they were experiencing. They also reported that some of them were charging people for parking spaces.

Many of the people who were camping out were not allowed to go to shelters due to their failure to surrender to the Border Patrol. Instead, they were being removed from the area after they failed to provide proper documents.

The US Border Patrol has been ordered by its officers to empty holding facilities before top officials visit the area. This practice has been carried out in preparation for various events, such as the visits of Congress members.

Written by Staff Reports

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