HUGE: McCarthy To Release Democrats’ Hidden Camera Footage

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to release the footage from January 6 after Democrats tried to prevent it from being made public.

"The American people have the right to know what happened on January 6th, and Gaetz noted that transparency is coming. He accused the Department of Justice of hindering the release of footage related to the incident."

CSPAN cameras should be placed on the House floor, Gaetz said.

"He noted that having cameras on the House floor would improve the attendance of members during debates."

According to Boebert, McCarthy stated that he would be releasing all of the footage from January 6. He noted that the public has already seen edited clips of the incident.

After McCarthy became the speaker, there was speculation that he would release thousands of hours of footage related to the incident.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised McCarthy's decision to release the footage.

"Last week, McCarthy stated that the public should be able to see what happened on the day of the incident. He noted that he watched the incident and decided that the footage should be released due to how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi handled it."

"After two years, following a highly-publicized incident, the public has a right to know what happened on Jan. 6, which is why McCarthy decided to release the footage, according to Carlson. He noted that McCarthy was right to release the footage."

"According to Carlson, the public cannot determine whether the cameras in the US Capitol pan, tilt, or zoom. He noted that Americans are in danger if they know this, as every human activity in the country is recorded by cameras. “You already knew this because, in every public building around the world, there are cameras that record every movement. The Democrats are afraid that if you see the footage, you might learn that."

"According to Carlson, the public is most interested in learning how many law enforcers actively participated in helping protesters get into the building on January 6. The tape shows that some of them did."


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