HUGE: Special Counsel Appointed For Biden Investigation

US Attorney General Garland announced that Robert Hur, a former US attorney, will serve as the special counsel to look into the mishandling of classified information by President Joe Biden.

Robert Hur will look into how Biden handled classified information. He will also determine if criminal charges should be brought against him.

From 2007 to 2014, Hur was an assistant United States attorney for the District of Maryland. In 2018, Donald Trump appointed him to be the US attorney for the District of Maryland. He left his position in 2021. Since then, Hur has been practicing law. Hur will be given all the necessary resources to investigate Biden, according to Garland. The attorney general also noted that the appointment was part of the Department of Justice's commitment to maintaining its independence.

Following his appointment as the special counsel, Hur released a statement saying that he would conduct an impartial investigation. He also vowed to follow the facts in a thorough and unbiased manner. Reports emerged last year that classified documents were found in the facilities of the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D. C., and the president’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.
Richard Sauber, the White House's counsel, confirmed that the documents were found inside the facilities of the two locations. He also noted that Biden's legal team was working with the Department of the Justice and the National Records and Archives Administration. According to Biden, the documents were stored in a locked garage. John Lausch, who is a Trump-appointed US attorney, was previously assigned by Garland to handle the investigation into Biden's mishandling of classified information.

In a statement, the White House said that it was confident that Hur's investigation would reveal that the documents were mistakenly placed in the wrong location. As the president has said, he takes the classified information seriously. The White House also noted that it had cooperated with the Department of Justice throughout its investigation. It will continue to do so as the special counsel continues his work.

The statement noted that the president and his legal team were aware of the issue and acted quickly to address it. Some Republican members of the House of Representatives have also called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the matter. This would be similar to the investigation that Garland handled regarding the mishandling of classified information by Donald Trump.

Jack Smith, the special counsel, is currently investigating the president's actions regarding the classified documents. He also has a separate investigation into the incident involving the former president.

In his role as the attorney general, Garland noted that Trump's declaration of his intention to run for the presidency in 2024 was a reason for the appointment of the special counsel.

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