Hosts Of ‘The View’ Turn Into Conspiracy Theorists To Cover For Biden

The Newsbusters team deserves a bottle of red wine and hazard pay for watching The View, which is typically regarded as one of the worst daytime programs on TV. During times when the hosts go off on outrageous topics, they must be caught by surprise.

The Newsbusters team came up with an interesting theory today about how the Democrats feel about former Vice President Joe Biden’s classified documents. If the Democrats believed that Russia hacked the election results in 2016, this theory might be accepted by liberals. The Republicans planted these documents to frame Biden.


On Thursday, it was reported that the second set of classified documents that Biden took when he became the vice president were found in his garage. The co-hosts of ABC’s The View discussed how these documents appeared and what conspiracy theories they had. Some of these suggested that the Republicans were behind the scenes looking for the documents.

Joy Behar, one of the hosts of The View, said that the documents looked incredibly apparate. She noted that Donald Trump was the only person who had a better chance of being elected than Biden. She also claimed that these documents came out at a time when the Democrats were close to securing the presidential nomination.

The other hosts of The View were a bit anxious as well, but co-host Joy Behar tried to calm them down. She noted that one of the most frustrating things about this situation is that the documents had already been spun in a certain way.

Joy Behar also noted that she would like to see an explanation as to how somebody could have possibly not known about the classified information that was in these documents. She said that she would like to see someone explain to her how this could have happened.

The other hosts of The View also noted that they believed that the Republicans were behind the story. They said that it felt like the opposition research was being conducted by the Republicans.””

This is a bit of a laugh, but the crowd on the other networks, especially on NBC, may think that this is true. They may not say it out loud, but Lord knows what liberal drivel comes out of the water cooler.

Biden was caught with classified materials in multiple locations, including his home in Delaware. The White House tried to explain these instances using fancy language, though everyone knows that gross incompetence is involved. The documents were found in Biden’s garage.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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