Hunter Biden is in TROUBLE…Polls Reveal Voters want him, Investigated

A new survey by USA Today and Suffolk University has revealed that most voters think that the allegations against Joe Biden's son Hunter should be investigated by Congress.

The survey, which had 1,000 likely voters, revealed that almost two-thirds of them think that an investigation should be carried out if the Republicans gain control of the House. However, only 52 percent of them think that the investigation is justified.

Hunter Biden was first investigated in 2018 for possible money laundering and other violations of foreign lobbying and campaign finance laws. The investigation expanded after it was revealed that he had business activities in various countries, including China.

He worked for various companies and businessmen in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. According to the Kyiv Post, he received over $83,000 a month to serve on the board of a gas company. His invoices also showed that he received payments during his father's time as the vice president.

In July, the investigators of the Department of Justice said that the investigation regarding Hunter Biden had reached a critical stage. However, no action has been taken since then. This is because prosecutors usually avoid major cases before the elections.

In April, James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, said that the House Oversight Committee would likely investigate Hunter Biden.

On October 7, during an appearance on Fox & Friends, Comer called the impending indictment of Biden a "drop in the bucket" compared to the investigations that the Republicans would be able to conduct.

According to Comer, there is mounting evidence that indicates that Hunter Biden was able to peddle access to US adversaries all around the world, and the reason why the House is investigating him is because he is a national security threat. However, he also stated that the committee is concerned that Biden's shady business activities compromised his father.

Member of the House Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan, said that the committee would look into what happened in 2020 regarding Hunter Biden's laptop and the potential mishandling of information.

In September, Jordan, along with Mike Johnson and Darrell Issa, wrote a letter to Timothy Thibault, a former FBI agent, to ask about the preservation of documents related to the investigation.

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