Kellyanne Conway Makes BOLD Prediction Regarding Trump and 2024

Kellyanne Conway, a senior counsel to former President Donald Trump, made a bold prediction during an appearance for the Christian Science Monitor. She said that he would be announcing his intention to run for president in 2024.

Trump has previously indicated that he wanted the mid-term elections to be over before he made a decision. He did not want to get distracted from the conservative candidates who are expected to participate in the political movement of the red wave.

During the interview, Conway said that she expected Trump to make a decision regarding his political future soon. She praised the former president for not announcing yet and for not stepping in the way of the Democrats' chances in the upcoming elections.

According to Conway, she and Trump often speak and that she advised him to hold off on any announcement until after the midterms.

She went on to predict that Trump would be a big winner in the upcoming elections. She noted that many of the candidates that he endorsed would be successful.

She also noted that Trump did not stop campaigning after he left office. He was still involved in the political process even after he left the White House.

She said Trump wants to run for president due to various reasons. He is disgusted and sad with how the country is currently. He also feels that the country is not economically independent, has no energy independence, and does not have border security. According to Conway, job seekers, job creators, and the general public feel insecure about their finances and safety.

Trump believes that he can win if he runs again due to how he did it the first time. He also thinks that he can draw a parallel between himself and Joe Biden if he sticks to the record and doesn't deviate from his values.

The Republican Party's nomination for the presidential elections in 2024 is still considered to be Trump's to lose. He is widely popular among conservatives, and his only competition is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. DeSantis is more likely going to be Trump's choice for the vice presidential as opposed to running against Trump directly.

When asked about DeSantis' political aspirations, Conway stated that if he were running for president, he would be the best two-term governor in modern history. She also suggested that he would be able to win in 2028.

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