Hysterical Democrat Claims Jim Jordan Works for Trump

Representative Jerry Nadler tried to suggest that Chairman Jim Jordan was doing the former President Donald Trump’s bidding just moments ago, and the response was downright hysterical. Nadler claims that Jordan is working on behalf of Trump, while Jordan argues that New York City is experiencing an increase in crime that needs to be addressed, no thanks to soft on crime policies. It’s no secret that Democrats will go to great lengths to protect criminals instead of their constituents, and it’s clear with Nadler’s statement that they’ll stoop to any level to do so.

Jordan pointed out that re-arresting and then releasing offenders only perpetuates the problem, and Republicans plan on holding more committee hearings in crime-ridden cities. This sentiment aligned with Republicans’ beliefs and aims to combat policies that have failed the American public at large. However, Nadler cried foul and suggested it was merely due to Jordan’s ties with Trump.

Perhaps sensing he had hit a nerve with his flimsy accusations, Nadler then pivoted to calling Republicans anti-Semitic and racist. As he went full unhinged Democrat and continued his whining about the “weaponization of the federal government,” he made it clear that the Democrat party is in shambles, with their only response to competent leadership being wild accusations and over-exaggerated beliefs.

The hearing is a perfect example of how Democrats would rather coddle the criminals and dismiss the victims, despite the real-life data of the impacts of their policies on the disadvantaged. Jordan is a welcome voice in a world of crime, and Nadler’s flimsy attempts at discrediting him have fallen flat.

Written by Staff Reports

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