Insane Liberals Want NYT To Be MORE Woke

Over the past few years, the New York Times has witnessed internal conflicts between traditional journalists and the “woke” generation of activist journalists. The latter’s campaigns to exert pressure have led to the unfair termination of a leading science reporter at the paper and the notorious removal of an editor who approved a mainstream op-ed written by a Republican Senator about the government’s handling of widespread riots. The Times’ toxic work environment has caused numerous talented individuals to leave the publication.

Hundreds of journalists, contributors and employees at the New York Times have signed a letter that criticizes the newspaper for not taking a more activist stance on gender and trans-related issues. The letter was spearheaded by a left-wing activist organization, with other similar groups joining in on this coordinated effort. It accuses the Times of lacking self-awareness and blindly “following the lead” of “far-right hate groups.”

The letter proceeds to enumerate some of the New York Times’ supposed transgressions, such as failing to suppress all dissenting perspectives, using incorrect pronouns for individuals, and providing a platform or employment opportunities to those deemed unworthy. It concludes by calling for the Times to undertake certain actions, including censorship, hosting self-critical “listening” sessions, and increasing the hiring of trans individuals.

Following the public criticism, the leadership of the New York Times defended the journalism in question, much to the ire of the activists. The newspaper’s journalists’ guild subsequently weighed in, which further stoked the outrage. As a result, many reporters at the Times signed a counter-letter, pushing back against their colleagues’ attempts to promote activism while denigrating journalism.

There is an ongoing conflict at the New York Times between traditional journalists who value certain standards and a leftist group of activists who hold even-handed journalism in contempt. While the activists have gained the upper hand in recent years, there is now a backlash brewing. It’s apparent that these activists are seeking to stifle dissenting voices and promote their own agenda, which is why they are so committed to seizing control of the New York Times.

The left’s attempt to capture the New York Times is an affront to journalism and free speech. It’s an attempt to silence any dissenting voices and push their own agenda, which is why it must be stopped. It’s up to us as conservatives to stand up for journalism and free speech and oppose this radical agenda. We must fight for our right to express our opinions without fear of retribution or censorship. We must fight for our right to have our voices heard without being silenced by those who don’t agree with us.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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