It’s Time to Face the Fact: Biden is One LUCKY Politician!

Despite being the subject of numerous attempts to remove him from office, Donald Trump remained teflon through two rounds of impeachment during his term as president.

Trump's self-destruction after the 2022 midterms is a clear indication that Joe Biden is watching the circus from a high vantage point. The failure of the Republican Party to win in this year's elections and Trump's self-deprecation show that Biden is one lucky man in politics.

Joe Biden lost two presidential elections. In 1988, voters didn't want him after his campaign ended prematurely due to a plagiarism scandal, and in 2008, he barely won the Iowa caucus.

In 2020, Biden started looking like he was on the verge of a major decline after a number of prominent names dropped out of the race. He was methodical and patient throughout the process, waiting for the other big names to follow suit.

Although he survived the primary, Biden looked at Trump as a vigorous president who had a booming economy. Then, a mysterious illness from Wuhan, China, triggered a global pandemic that severely affected the economy. The COVID era started, with Biden campaigning from a basement.

Biden stuck to his primary strategy of letting his opponents make mistakes, and Trump did the same. Trump's aggressive and brash behavior likely pushed more independent voters away, and Biden won the election.

It's clear now why liberal voters didn't want to see Biden make it all the way to the White House.

He's not qualified to be president, and he has a long way to go before he can be considered competent. He's also not popular, and people see him as an incompetent buffoon.

Despite being the president, Biden has not been able to address many of the issues that have affected the country. We're in the midst of a recession, and we're facing a crime spike.

The Republican Party was in a perfect position to generate a red wave, and they failed. Biden was forced to stay out of the way, which gave the Democrats an opportunity to maintain their Senate majority. The GOP would need to gain at least three-to-five seats in the House to have any chance of winning. Despite the obstacles that Biden faced, he still managed to win the elections.

The COVID era failed to kill Biden's chances of becoming the next president. His poor performance as the president and his unpopular agenda could not convince voters to support Republicans during the midterm election. Everyone expected a Democratic Party beatdown to force Biden to retire from office, but those hopes have been neutralized due to his political skills.

Written by Staff Reports

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