Jesus Was A Drag Queen? School Disctrict Official Sparks Outrage

An Ottawa school district is receiving criticism for comments made by its Trans and Gender Diverse Student Support Coordinator, Sara Savoia, regarding Jesus and drag queens prior to Easter. Savoia took to Twitter to express her opinion, accompanied by an illustration of Jesus speaking with children while dressed in a white robe. She claimed that Jesus was a radical activist and a drag queen, and also noted that he was not white. Her tweet received backlash from social media users, prompting her to lock her account and remove the post. Some individuals, such as Dr. Aaron Rock of the Harvest Bible Church in Windsor, Ontario, expressed disapproval of Savoia's comments, arguing that Jesus's attire was customary for the Jewish faith during that time period and accusing Savoia of making offensive statements towards Christians.

Sara Savoia has a track record of making contentious statements. Last October, she demanded that Catholic schools be abolished if they refused to modify their stance on transgender issues. Additionally, the woke staff member has educated fifth-grade students that males can get pregnant because they carry the uterus. This sort of indoctrination is becoming more prevalent in schools, masquerading as progressive philosophy, which ought to worry all parents.

The country has become a symbol of a politically correct, hypersensitive society. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has endeavored to advance the woke culture agenda, even going so far as to praise the violent assaults on innocent businesses during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations as "justifiable." He also threatened to freeze the bank accounts of truck drivers who refused to participate in a protest against the Covid-19 vaccine, submitting to leftist elites. While these assertions may appear outrageous, they are a depressing reflection of the current era. Ultimately, conservative voices must step forward and challenge these irrational and harmful ideologies to safeguard our core principles.

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