Jimmy Kimmel LOSES It, Defends CCP

Jimmy Kimmel, the comedian who has recently become a tool of the Chinese Communist Party, attempted to take a shot at former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night. Kimmel’s comments were yet another example of the left’s attempt to rewrite history and ignore the facts.

Kimmel, who has been criticized for his close ties to the CCP, attempted to blame President Trump for the rise in anti-Asian sentiment in the United States. He claimed that Trump’s use of the term “China Virus” was irresponsible and resulted in violence against Asian Americans. However, what Kimmel failed to mention was that Trump was simply trying to call out the Chinese government for their role in the spread of the virus.

Kimmel then played a clip of Tucker Carlson responding to his claims. Carlson pointed out that Kimmel was becoming a puppet of the Chinese government by reading their talking points on his show. Kimmel responded by calling Carlson a “Moscow mule,” completely missing the point of the debate.

It is clear that Jimmy Kimmel is trying to protect the Chinese Communist Party by attacking President Trump and Tucker Carlson. He is attempting to distract from the fact that the CCP lied about the virus and covered up its origins in a Wuhan lab. It is also clear that Kimmel is trying to paint those who are seeking answers as racists, which is simply not true.

It is time for Jimmy Kimmel to stop being a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party and start telling the truth about what happened with covid-19. The American people deserve answers and accountability from the CCP, not more lies and propaganda from Jimmy Kimmel.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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