LOL: Idiot Protestors Disrupt Critical Hearing On CCP

The recent inaugural meeting of the House Select Committee on combatting China’s Communist Party (CCP) was disrupted by a group of protesters who waved upside-down signs that read “Stop Asian Hate”. It is possible that the group of protesters who were involved in spreading the left-wing narrative that criticisms of the CCP are racist, may not have been simply useful idiots, but rather paid agents of the CCP. This is because the CCP has been known to exploit America’s woke culture to its advantage during the pandemic. By labeling any critique of the CCP as dangerous, it tries to disqualify the opposition without engaging in substantive debate. This approach enables the CCP to avoid refuting arguments that are against its interests.

The disruption of the House Select Committee’s meeting is a perfect example of how shallow and blinkered this particular worldview is. The victims of the CCP are overwhelmingly Asian, and yet these protesters seem to be completely unaware of this fact. They are Asian Muslims forced into reeducation camps as part of an active genocide, jailed journalists or freedom advocates in Hong Kong, persecuted Christians, oppressed Tibetans, and residents of Shanghai and other major cities suffering immensely under COVID lockdowns. Westerners who shout about the CCP not being our enemy do not care about these people, and have nothing to say about the ‘Asian hate’ being perpetrated by the CCP.

It is shameful that the protesters were able to cause disruption in such an important meeting. If the same had happened in a CCP proceeding, the repercussions for the demonstrators would have been severe compared to the mild punishment these protesters received. However, the committee seems to be comprised of serious individuals from both sides of the political spectrum, who are focused on outlining the danger posed by Beijing to American interests and values. The chairman of the committee, Mike Gallagher, and the leading Democrat on the committee, Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois, have pledged to overcome any divisions and work together to counter China’s influence. It is crucial that they are successful in doing so.

The left’s attempts to weaponize woke culture and silence criticism of the CCP are dangerous and morally bankrupt. It is time for Americans to recognize the threat posed by China and take a stand against its oppressive regime. We must not allow the left’s cancel mob to distract us from the real issues at hand.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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