Joe Biden: “Where’s the President? I Don’t Know!”

On Friday morning, President Joe Biden made a remark that has caused a stir in the White House and on social media. While speaking to members of the press at a tabled discussion, Biden made a statement that left many people scratching their heads. He said, “Once every time I hear ‘the president of the United States,’ I look around and say, ‘Where the hell is he?’”

The comment was met with shock and confusion from those in attendance. It was later revealed that Biden had made the same statement to Governor Murphy of New Jersey prior to making it public. The President attempted to make the statement sound like a joke, but it fell flat and was not well received.

The comment quickly spread across social media, with many people expressing their disapproval. Some of the responses included “The REAL one is at Mar-a-Lago”, “We, the American people, ask the same thing”, and “The entire world wonders that very same thing, all day, every day”.

The backlash has been swift and fierce, with many people questioning Biden’s judgement in making such a statement. It is clear that this comment was not well thought out and could have been avoided. The President should have been more mindful of his words before speaking, as his statements can have far-reaching consequences.

Biden’s comment has raised questions about his ability to lead the nation. It is important for the President to be aware of his words and actions, as they can have a major impact on the nation. This incident serves as a reminder that the President should always think before he speaks.

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