NY Mayor Adams Slams ‘Woke’ Dems: “Enough is Enough!”

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, has strongly criticized certain “woke” individuals within his own political party. During his first term in office, Adams attempted to position himself as a separate voice within the Democratic Party. He believes that this particular group, who he considers to be a vocal minority, is responsible for causing Asian and Hispanic voters to lose interest in the party due to its excessive emphasis on race.

Mayor Adams has expressed his belief that the Democratic Party has become overly focused on topics like race and gender while ignoring the practical concerns that matter to everyday working individuals. He feels that the party should concentrate more on matters such as employment, education, public safety, and healthcare. Adams sees President Biden’s State of the Union address as a model for the party to follow, praising Biden’s emphasis on the economy and his initiatives aimed at benefiting blue-collar workers.

Mayor Adams was elected in 2021 with a mandate to challenge the Democratic Party’s lenient stance on crime. Since taking office, he has tried to separate himself from the broader Democratic Party image and has encountered resistance from progressive groups for his approach to addressing homelessness in the city. This involves removing mentally ill individuals from the streets and placing them in hospitals involuntarily in order to address the issue.

The language Adams has used to describe the “woke” minority within his own party echoes language more often heard on the right. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) criticized Democrats as “crazy” and preoccupied with “woke fantasies” in her rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union speech.

Mayor Eric Adams is attempting to bridge the gap between the Democratic party and its traditional working-class base. He believes that the party should focus on issues that are important to working people, such as jobs, public safety, education, and healthcare. He has faced pushback from progressives for his efforts to clean up the city’s homeless issue, but he remains committed to his mission of restoring the Democratic party to its traditional roots. Adams is determined to ensure that the party is no longer preoccupied with “woke fantasies”, but instead focuses on the everyday concerns of working people.

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