Kamala Embarrassing All Of America


Harris should hire on talent, not diversity. Brown and Yale radicals don't spell?

The always-giggling VP reportedly yelled at her staff for not spellchecking the stage background.

Harris smiled Friday at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kamala's misspelled background was criticized online following the event.

Kamala's team misspelled Louisiana as "Lousiana"

Kamala's staff will pay for the misspelling. The VP yells at her employees, which may be why so many resign.

Someone with Kamala should have caught the mistake. Kamala is now a meme.

Kamala Harris' optics have always been bad. America hasn't warmed to Hillary since her 2020 Democrat nomination fight.

Mass resignations in a tense workplace ruined Kamala's reputation.

Kamala made many mistakes, like saying "Lousiana."

In October, the VP appeared in a space exploration film with kids. Harris first denied the kids were actors.

A left-wing student accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in September.

Her June Lester Holt interview angered Americans.

Biden asked Kamala to stop illegal immigration, but she did nothing. Holt asked Kamala about the border.

"I've never been to Europe," she laughed.

Harris dismissed the criticism in New Orleans.

Kamala was crowned "Queen of Word Salads" in March for her socialist ramblings.

Now we know why many opposed Biden's VP decision. She's a dunce. She's a pawn used to do globalists' bidding.

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