Kamala Harris Spends YOUR Money Touring Africa, Avoids Key Country

Vice President Kamala Harris continues her globe-trotting journey in Africa, visiting countries like Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania on a taxpayer-funded tour. Reports say the Vice President met with Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo to discuss “global and regional issues”, but what exactly does that mean? Does she plan to give away more American jobs and money to foreign countries through her disastrous policies?

What’s disturbing is that Harris has deliberately avoided visiting the Congo, where unsafe mines enable progressives’ insatiable thirst for electric vehicles. She’s been quick to push the radical ideology of a so-called “emissions-free” society, but refuses to witness the human rights abuses and child labor taking place in African mines. This is nothing but hypocrisy.

We need leaders who prioritize America’s interests first, not ones who waste taxpayer money flying around the world to make empty promises and shake hands with oppressive regimes. Harris should use her position to bring jobs back home, lower taxes, and secure our southern border. It’s time to put America first again.

Written by Staff Reports

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