Trump Exposes Michael Cohen’s Treachery And Democrat Witch Hunt!

Former President Donald Trump brought the house down in his rally speech at Waco, Texas last Saturday by verbally lashing out at Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, for his skullduggery and treachery. Trump branded Cohen a “proven liar, a convicted felon, and a disbarred lawyer,” spotlighting his sordid past that involved lying to Congress and other misdeeds.

Drawing attention to the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into himself, Trump questioned the integrity of the prosecutors handling his case by alleging that “they took the word and they drew the liar, a convicted felon, and a disbarred lawyer, all the same person, they were. You wouldn’t think that they’d go to one place, there would be three, four, five.” Trump also mentioned some of the “most respected lawyers” who testified against him, calling it a witch hunt.

Trump blasted Cohen’s hypocrisy by reminding everyone how he supported Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, while pretending to be a friend of the former president. Trump made it clear that this was a clear case of a traitor who turned on him to “go get Trump,” while being oblivious to the grave sins that he had committed himself.

Trump didn’t stop there. He pointed out that numerous prosecutors resigned after seeing the mistreatment that he received at the hands of the crooked justice system. Even prosecutor’s from his own party, the Democrats had to throw in the towel and resign because they couldn’t bear witness to the fake scandal that Trump-Gate was.

It is clear that the whole situation was a hoax, a smear campaign that had been ingeniously engineered by the Democrats and their lackeys, and the former President didn’t mince his words when he said so. He refuted the accusations against him and dared anyone to prove him wrong. The Democrats are out to get him, but he is not one to take it lying down. And the people of America stand with him!

Written by Staff Reports

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