Leaked Fox News Handbook Reveals ‘Woke’ Corporate Policies

The traditionally conservative and center-right Fox News is now being called out by former employees for taking on “woke” corporate stances. Internal sources have leaked information from the company handbook, suggesting that the network is expanding its support for employees in a new “Gender Transition” section.

This section confirms that Fox News is promoting a more inclusive working environment by offering employees a choice of restrooms based on their preferred gender, and allowing them to identify their preferred pronouns on company materials. However, with Tucker Carlson leaving the network in April, there are now questions over Fox News’ political shift.

Despite efforts to get a comment from the network, Fox News has remained tight-lipped on the issue. However, company sources have revealed that Fox is attempting to earn a perfect score from the Human Rights Commission by expanding its policies. This action highlights the network’s efforts to accommodate LGBTQ employees, including offering counseling to staff going through gender transition, and allowing individuals to express their gender.

Interestingly, several former employees have pointed out that Fox News often touts its inclusivity achievements at gatherings, yet the network still devotes hours of programming to attacking “woke companies”. Many people believe that the network itself is just as “woke” as those they criticize, and viewers would be shocked to find out what the company is like.

This revelation has also highlighted Fox News’ conflict of interest with regards to its recent coverage. The network criticized Bud Light’s “woke” partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which eventually saw plummeting profits from conservative circles. However, this conflicts with the network’s own policies, being supportive of individuals undergoing gender transition.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Fox News needs to evaluate its stance on social issues to avoid accusations of hypocrisy, and potentially alienating their conservative viewership.

Written by Staff Reports

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