Leaked Video Reveals Pelosi Admitted Security Failures on January 6

Following the Capitol breach on January 6, 2021, a video surfaced showing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitting to security failures that day. Pelosi was caught on camera discussing the lack of National Guard presence and taking responsibility for not being better prepared for the breach. This contradicts claims made by Democrats about the events of that day.

The revelation of this video challenges the narrative pushed by Pelosi’s team, who have tried to downplay her role in the security lapses at the Capitol. Despite Pelosi’s own words in the video, her spokesperson still denies any wrongdoing on her part. This video brings into question the transparency and honesty of Pelosi and the Democrat party concerning the events of January 6. 


Pelosi’s attempt to deflect blame and deny her previous admission of responsibility highlights a concerning trend of evasion and revisionist history. By dismissing the significance of the video and refusing to acknowledge her past statements, Pelosi is failing to be held accountable for her actions. This lack of accountability is troubling and sets a dangerous precedent for future incidents of this nature.

The fact that Pelosi chose MSNBC to address the video speaks volumes about her intentions to control the narrative and minimize the impact of her admission of fault. By appearing on a sympathetic platform, Pelosi hoped to downplay the significance of the video and shift the focus away from her role in the security failures on January 6. This strategic maneuvering raises questions about Pelosi’s integrity and transparency as a public figure.

In light of these revelations, it is crucial for the public to demand transparency and accountability from their elected officials. Pelosi’s attempts to rewrite history and evade responsibility must be met with scrutiny and pushback. The truth about the events of January 6 cannot be obscured or manipulated for political convenience.

Written by Staff Reports

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