Biden Family Drama: Hunter’s Gun Charges May Cost Him Up to 25 Years and $750000

In the latest drama regarding the Biden family, the troublesome tale of Hunter Biden’s gun conviction has taken center stage. President Joe Biden seems to have pulled out the trusty ol’ dad-card, claiming his son is a victim in what he calls the “weaponization of justice.” Hunter’s collection of gun charges has put him in quite the pickle, facing the possibility of spending up to 25 years behind bars and handing over a hefty sum of $750,000 in fines.

Despite the ticking time bomb that is his son’s legal troubles, the Commander in Chief made it crystal clear that there would be no presidential get-out-of-jail-free card for Hunter. But the big guy on the throne remains silent on whether he might sprinkle a dash of leniency with a commutation. Secret squirrel sources whisper that Papa Biden is full of guilt over Hunter’s mess and even admits that his own actions may have paved the way to this pickle of a situation.

To make matters juicier, rumors swirl that if it weren’t for Joe Biden’s reelection desire, maybe Hunter could have slid a slick plea deal his way, or so says someone in the know who chatted with Politico. Let’s not forget about Hunter turning down that 2023 gun-related plea deal, claiming it was as sweet as apple pie on the surface but soured quickly when under legal scrutiny. Legal eagles screeched in agreement that the government’s special treatment towards Hunter smelled fishier than a tuna sandwich left in the sun.

And just when you thought the Hunter escapade couldn’t get any wilder, in comes a tax trial set for September 2024, courtesy of California. Seems like Hunter’s legal drama buffet is serving up a bounty of charges with a side dish of chaos. Watch out for the drama train, folks; with the Biden family, you never know what’s coming down the track next.

Written by Staff Reports

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