Leftist Mayor URGES Biden To Address The Border Crisis

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, said on Monday that the administration of President Joe Biden needs to do more to address the situation at the border.

In January, Adams visited the US-Mexico border to urge the Biden administration to allocate more resources to help the city deal with the influx of immigrants. He noted that New York City had reached a "breaking point" in the crisis.

"Despite the administration's efforts to address the situation at the border, Adams noted that the situation still remains "very challenging." He commended the members of New York's congressional delegation, including Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Senator Charles Schumer, for their efforts in helping to pass a bill that would allocate more resources to help the city deal with the influx of immigrants."

He noted that the executive and legislative branches need to work together to address the situation at the border. They should also discuss solutions with the state officials.

"As the mayor, he noted that the city is directly communicating with the Biden administration about the issue. He said that the city needs to find ways to allow workers to get back to work. He also urged the federal government to resolve the immigration issue and address the immediate needs of the city."

In September, Adams directed the city's agencies to establish shelters for immigrants after Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent thousands of migrants to New York. The Democratic-controlled city of El Paso also sent 25 buses to the city.

As of September 2022, the city had established two relief and humanitarian centers that will house approximately 13,000 migrants. In the same period, 60 men were not able to secure a bed in one of the shelters. According to the Legal Aid Society, the issue was due to an operational complication.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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