WATCH: Matt Gaetz Gets OWNED By Matt Gaetz In Heated Exchange

During an appearance on Fox News' Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, a left-wing personality, tried to bully Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. He accused him of tormenting Kevin McCarthy, who was trying to become the House Speaker earlier this year.

"During the interview, Rivera asked Gaetz what he and his colleagues did to the people who were supposed to be the speakers of the House and Kevin McCarthy. He said that they were torturing them."

"Gaetz responded by saying that he has constituents who are in the military who can talk about torture. He also noted that he doesn't think that sitting through 15 votes qualifies as torture."

He then explained what he and his colleagues were fighting for.

"Instead of passing a comprehensive spending bill that contains thousands of pages, they want to take individual votes on the various appropriations bills. This is a concession they didn't get during the voting process.

Gaetz noted that they were able to earn this concession by the time the bill had already passed. He said that they wanted to make sure that the bills were properly handled. He explained that they wanted to avoid having to vote on unrelated issues while also considering the Yemen war."

The heated exchange can be viewed in the video below.

Rep. Gaetz then asked why Rivera called him a "flamboyant" and "confrontational" individual when he made his point about the changes that need to be made in the process.

Sean Hannity then defended Gaetz.

"He noted that Gaetz had answered his own question about what he and his fellow congressmen were fighting for. According to Hannity, he and Gaetz had talked about their differences in December. They then agreed to work together on a budget by January 3."

Who doesn't like to see Geraldo Rivera get interrupted on live television?

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