LGBT Protesters Arrested at Statehouse Over Transgender Bill Veto

On Wednesday, Kentucky State Police took firm action against 19 individuals who were at the Capitol “protesting” the override of Governor Andy Beshear’s veto of a measure. This measure has many provisions, the most controversial requires doctors to detransition minors who are transitioning genders and bans gender-affirming treatment, including sex changes and hormone therapy, for anyone under the age of 18. The police charged those taken away in handcuffs with criminal trespassing after giving them “the option to leave without any enforcement action or be placed under arrest.”

In the morning, hundreds came to the statehouse to demonstrate, eventually entering the Capitol and shouting over debate on the bill. “When Trans kids are under attack, what do we do? Say ‘no,’ fight back,” they chanted. Fortunately, the Senate voted 29-8 and the House voted 76-23 in support of the governor’s veto override.

Beshear, in support of limited government, claimed his veto was rooted in his belief that parents should make important medical decisions about their children, not big government. In a time of such progress, we must trust parents to make the best choice for their kids over any government mandate.

LGBT activists reacted with opposition to the override of the veto, but supporters still maintain that parents should have the right to make medical decisions for their children. The Fairness Campaign also chimed in, claiming that though the loss was considerable, it was temporary, and they will not lose in court. It is crucial to stand true to one’s beliefs, but LGBT proponents cannot expect the government to break promises made to constituents.

The people of Kentucky have spoken, and the bill overrides the veto, and in this instance, LGBT activists have lost the battle. This loss came shortly after a similar protest occurred in Oklahoma last month. Nonetheless, Kentuckians can rest assured that conservative leaders will always defend their values, including protecting the sanctity of life and supporting the nuclear family.

Written by Staff Reports

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