Biden’s Refusal to Answer on Legally Owned Firearms Will INFURIATE You!

President Biden’s stance on gun confiscation policies has once again been illuminated, this time by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s refusal to give a direct answer to a simple question. A reporter asked Jean-Pierre if the president supports confiscating legally owned firearms, but instead of answering, she dodged the question and spouted off the usual Democrat talking points about “weapons of war.”

It’s not surprising that Jean-Pierre couldn’t give a straight answer. The Democrats’ obsession with banning “assault weapons” is not a policy goal that has been shown to limit instances of gun violence. In fact, President Biden’s previous attempts at gun control legislation have not been effective either.

Biden often references the “assault weapons” ban he worked on as a U.S. senator, but data provided by the Department of Justice suggests that the ban cannot be credited with reducing violence or mass shootings. The ban’s impact on gun violence is likely to be small at best, and perhaps too small for reliable measurement. “Assault weapons” were used in no more than 8% of gun crimes even before the ban.

Democrats continue to push their agenda of eradicating “assault weapons.” It’s a purposefully non-specific term that is usually paired with other buzzwords such as “military style.” But the truth is that these firearms make up a very small percentage of overall gun violence, and confiscating them would only further infringe on the rights of law-abiding Americans.

President Biden has already done more than any other president in the first two years to address what Democrats say is a crisis of “weapons of war” in America. However, it’s time for Congress to step up and do the work. Once that happens, President Biden is happy to sign legislation that says, “ok we’re going to remove assault weapons, we’re going to have an assault weapons ban.”

It’s clear that Democrats’ push for gun control is not based on facts or data, but rather on their own political agenda. Law-abiding Americans have the right to own firearms and protect themselves and their families. It’s time for Democrats to stop their relentless attack on the Second Amendment and focus on policies that will actually make a difference in reducing gun violence.

Written by Staff Reports

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